About Single Window Investments Solutions

Single window is a place where you can consult and get solutions for your investments with regards to Agriculture, Horticulture, Industries, Real Estate, Hospitality, Franchise and Import & Export under one roof.

The company will list down the advantages of the idea of business that a client has come up with, which part to be given priority and also the skill of working behind the idea.

Single window also deals with marketing and with the entire set-up of the company. The working strategy of single window is when client approaches us, firstly we listen to client’s wish, what all he wants to do with the idea of business. How to generate business or how the business is generated or whether the business is a family business all these points will be taken into consideration by us.

The company will work as a consultancy with entire set-up from A to Z of the idea of business or company without any risk factor of your investment with proper authentication. The Tri-party agreement with all parties with proper registration and stamp duty, and all the bank related work will be like we work as bank generate, LC and joint a/c.

The strength of single window is that it is qualified with ample of groups working with highly qualified and experienced professionals with all the sectors like MBA in marketing, MBA in finance, BBA, IIT and also with the support of Architects, Advocates, CA’s and the engineers.

Our mission is to move with all the sectors and generate employment which is lack in India as we can see the unemployment scenario in India which has become difficult to survive in today’s living.

The main motto of single window is to grow in all sectors in India and throughout the world as the slogan says, “Apna Desh, Apna Vikas”. Our Company goals is to focus on All sectors in order to help the farmers to survive by investor investing in this particular sector.

Single window can solve your problems to the question to your investments which can uplift your dreams by investing in our Company.

It’s a window which is open for you which will make your work possible. So, if you are confused and stuck with your ideas, Single Window is always open for you.